List Building Tips – Using Multimedia Techniques To Build A Responsive List

By | May 22, 2023

Building a responsive list is an excellent way to grow your online business. There are many strategies on how best to do this and I will share a few of them here. Know that building your list is an activity you must actively engage in every day, so you might as well become an expert in how to do it well, and have fun with the process. What I am teaching you here falls into the category of multimedia list building.

Writing books and short reports for Kindle is every effective in building a responsive list. People have already seen that you are an expert on your topic, so asking them to join your list is the next logical step. The best way to do this is to add a page at the very end of your book where you invite readers to visit your blog, website, or special site you have set up for the book and to leave their name and email address in exchange for more information or additional training on the subject and topic of the book. This will grow your list with names of people who you already know are interested in your niche topic.

Creating short videos, no longer than five minutes and submitting them to your YouTube channel is another way to list build effectively. Make sure to share information that is both interesting and informative and then mention your site during the video. You can also add a callout on YouTube so your URL will show on the screen. Then, once your video is uploaded, type in your URL there as well.

The final strategy I will share with you here is to make audio recordings that you can upload to iTunes as podcasts. This has been so effective for my business that I recently started a second podcast based on my free teleseminars I offer twice a month. I do this by using a free plugin on my WordPress blog site called PodPress. It’s simple to set up and every time I record an audio it automatically gets added to my podcast series on iTunes. People can find me by my name or by the keywords I am using for that call. I always remind them to join my list, and it works well.

You can see that using multimedia to build your list can be fun and effective, so I would encourage you to get started today to grow your online business and build your list.